Welcome to 2KU. Members will be allowed to have discussions primarily about NBA 2K. This is not only limited to 2K, as there are many other discussion topics suitable for many users who are also interested. This site enhances a positive open discussion environment for many users to interact with one another. The members are the ones that make this site special, and there are a few rules to the site to create a positive approach and experience for every single user at 2KU.

In order to adapt to situational needs and optimize fair outcomes, these rules are open to change and interpretation at any time.


Users will be able to join 2KU on their first day and will be able to interact with a wide variety of other users. Most importantly, members will be able to gain rep at 2KU to be able to frequently post on discussions and private messages. Interacting with other users on the site is the main goal in building rep to gain many badges and more options on 2KU. NO MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT IS ALLOWED. No dupes are allowed at 2KU and is limited to only one account per person. This is to prevent trolling and scamming on the site. Please abide by this rule or else your account will be suspended/silenced.


Topics should be useful to the site in creating good discussion with other users who are part of the site. These topics should be useful to site discussion and be appropriate to a certain extent on the site. Make sure that no duplicate threads are created. If there is a thread that is already existing, please post in that existing thread. We want an organized site where these topics are great for community discussion.


Mostly all language is fine for the site, but please be understandable with the language that you use to create discussion.

These are a list of items that are not ALLOWED on 2KU and will definitely not be tolerated by the founders.

  • No hate speech
  • No bigoted speech/comments to users
  • No pornographic images
  • No discussion of or reference to in person meetups with hostile intentions, including but not limited to fighting. Violation of this is susceptible to an immediate ban.
  • Trolling and Harassing users are not allowed (trolling can also be under the category of instigating), creating an environment where you are calling out users or making them fight with you to create beef. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • Please be kind to our founders when handling certain issues that have to be resolved for the good of 2KU.


If members on the site violate any rules, this will be in pending discussion by the founders. SILENCES are where you will not be able to post on the site but will still be able to log in and interact (you can not reply or create direct messages). SUSPENSIONS/BANS log you out of your account until your suspension/ban expires for the specific reasoning in violation of the rules.

Note: The founders are mostly lenient with behavior on this site and will give warnings before these punishments if necessary.

You will be issued on your ban and will know the exact reasons if this occurrence is necessary. Additionally, users will have the chance to discuss and dispute these punishments if they think they are not deserving of this certain violation.